Testing emergency services

Your company produces a product according to a complex process and in different stages. This requires the daily work of a variety of operators, who work at height and depth and perhaps at times in confined spaces. These are professionals with an extensive amount of knowledge and skill.

As an employer, you have chosen to (temporarily) outsource incident management. You chose to do this to save your employees from having to perform a complex rescue. However, you wonder about the effectiveness of this company. Their rescue personnel might not look like they are in great shape, or you doubt their technical skills. Personally you are not able to test them on this, but you do know; ‘In the land of the blind, one-eyed man is king’.

We can test your rescue party within a realistic scenario, thereby exposing any flaws. We will ofcourse comply with the parameters that you have contractually set with your party.

This will ensure that you know what you are in for and that any incident will be adequately handled.

  • handling report
  • reaction time
  • communication
  • medical skill
  • carrying out protocol
  • handling of incident

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