Our training center in Arnhem

The scart training centre

Scart offers customized training and advice on how to safely work at height as well as rescue at height and depth.

All training can be done both by companies and individuals.
We combine our own experiences with the training, so that you gain safe, efficient and evident skills. Our method ensures that you are always trained using the latest techniques, in relevant crisis situations.

The scart instructor team consists of competent instructors who can give custom advice and training. All instructors are members of the Rope Rescue Team. They therefore have a very high degree of technical ability.

At our training location in Arnhem we have a 15 meter high hall and a multitude of training setups, both inside and outside. Training on location is also always a possibility.

de hoogwerker is part off scart bv

we provide training to the following industries


Training for the telecom industry.


training for the event industry.


training for the windmill industry.


We offer custom training to, for example, in house standby rescue teams or additional training for the emergency responders within a company. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.