Rope Rescue Team

rope rescue team

Scart’s Rope Rescue Team was born out of a passion for complex rope techniques. As specialists we found ourselves often taking on the role of advisors on technical issues in the rescue world.

Our job as Rope Access technicians ensures that we have spent an unprecedented amount of time using rope technique. We literally have rope in our hands every single day. This is reflected in the high level of technical ability of our individual team members.

Standard (firefighting) height-rescue teams usually don’t make the same amount of rope hours we do. Complex systems, new insights or changes in the rescue world are complicated. We can help with navigating these. This unique position has led us to offer our services as commercial service and trainers.

There are, after all, plenty of areas in which standard emergency services can not help, even though help is needed. An example: In the past there have regularly been fires at height on different stages during large scale dance-events (because of professional fireworks). Seen as these stages keep getting bigger and the amount of fireworks keeps increasing, a solution was needed. Scart now offers a team that can act preventative, structurally and in case of an emergency. This ensures that the different specialists within this world can still guarantee their product, while Scart makes sure the result is safe.

Scart has extensive experience when it comes to executing rescue operations safely and securely. They are able to reach victims in places that are difficult to access, stabilize them and move them to a safe location. Scart is able to mobilize a team quickly, that can be deployed in case of incidents or calamities at height, depth or in enclosed spaces.

We can also offer standby safety & rescue services during high risk jobs. We have both rescue specialists as well as supervisors, who can assist safety experts and project managers. We can effortlessly work with the emergency services.

All rescue team members are in possession of an IRATA and first aid certificate.

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