Incident investigation analysis

Investigating incidents within a company is complicated. One is always looking for the cause of an incident. This cause can lie within a process or corporate culture. How such an incident is dealt with is just as interesting. You can divide any incident in the actual involuntary happening and the (in)direct response to it. In many cases the reaction to an incident is unplanned and minimally prepared. In most cases it is executed with the means which are at hand, and under extreme pressure.


Through the years SCART has gained a lot of experience and knowledge about how companies deal with incidents. We have become especially skilled in turning incident analyses into a directly executable mitigating policy.

We can also improve your incident management. Who should respond, how should they respond, and according to which protocol. We can adapt this process within your company, if need be with external emergency services (commercial rescue services).

Perhaps you yourself are not sure about any of this, but you do know that something is not going as it should be.

Allow us to take a look within your company and advise you on the possibilities.

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