(rope) access

What is rope access?

In the Netherlands Rope Access is also known as industrial climbing. It is characterized by the use of ropes, climbing harnesses and other such equipment. With these tools we are able to reach otherwise inaccessible workplaces.

There are many good reasons to use Rope Access.

  • High and/or hard-to-reach places become easier and faster to reach
  • There is (hardly) any hindrance for your business proceedings within the (direct) vicinity
  • Our footprint is very limited. After we leave, you will hardly find a trace of us and you will not need to make any visible adjustments in order for us to be able to do our job.

Rope access is a good alternative to, or addition on, the use of existing systems such as scaffolding, hanging bridges or aerial platforms. Rope access techniques and equipment are specifically designed for work in the petrochemical offshore industry. It has its roots in the English offshore sector and is thus characterized by the extremely high safety standards which define this industry.

Safety is our first priority. Prior to commencing any project a V&G plan (health & safety plan) is made. Once on location, our technicians will always hold a Toolbox-conference with the client, using the V&G plan as a basis. Before we start our work a LMRA (last minute risk analysis) is always made. Scart only works with certified mechanics, equipment and tools.

an impression of our recent projects

fields of work

Rope Access is the execution of jobs at height with the help of industrial climbing techniques. Places that are unreachable with a platform, scaffolding or window cleaning installation, become accessible through the use of Rope Access. All employees in the Rope Access Team comply with the IRATA standard, where safety comes first. All employees also have a full VCA certificate.

Reasons to choose our Rope Access Team for your job include cost, flexibility and reduction of inconvenience during short-term work.

  • Facade and window cleaning for high buildings
  • Renovation older buildings
  • Placing advertising frames and banners
  • Placing light- and sound systems for events
  • Painting
  • Work on windmills, light- and transmission towers and bridges
  • Placing solar panels or lightning rods
  • Work on the piers of a drilling platform or a ship’s hull

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